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Yoan is a massage therapist with a passion for helping others. He first learned about the power of the mind-body connection in his native country of Cuba, through participation in a Shiatsu-Do program. This manual treatment uses gentle yet deep compressions to relieve stress and tension in people of all ages and instill a feeling of vitality. 

After immigrating to the United States, he further developed the healing power of massage through completion of the Community College of Philadelphia Massage Therapy program. Licensed and insured in the State of Pennsylvania, he deeply enjoys providing personalized care, using a slow, rhythmic flow, incorporating acupressure and myofascial release, along with deep tissue principles to achieve positive therapeutic outcomes, whether that is lasting pain relief or simply allowing for a better night’s sleep.

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness, you touch everything."

- Lao Tzu -

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Therapeutic Massage

This is Yoan’s signature massage. A variety of modalities are used to improve circulation, flexibility, relieve pain, and stress with firm, yet gentle pressure. Each session is tailored to the needs of the client.

Deep Tissue Massage

This massage uses very firm pressure and slow strokes to reach deeper layers of muscle and fascia. This technique is used to resolve both chronic and acute pain problems and helps break up scar tissue, knots, or adhesions.

Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy is an ancient technique that uses special cups on your skin for a few minutes to create suction. The suction created by the cup encourages blood flow—and this increased circulation can help relieve pain and inflammation and promote healing and relaxation.

Essential oils have long been used in massage therapy and can offer additional benefits to nurture and balance the body. As a part of my practice, I offer complimentary aromatherapy during all massage and cupping sessions. Clients may select up to three essential oils. 

Will be available until end of 2022 


Yoan Calvo Machado

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